jesus saves

i will never forget the moment i accepted Christ. when i was at vacation bible school around seven years old,  i wanted this thing i’d been hearing about since birth that seemed to change everyone around me. i had prayed a prayer at a puppet show previously when i was four–a moment i remember vividly–but […]

i’m tired of wasting moments talking about the tragedy of wasting moments.

Monday, November 12, 2007 it’s small today. this is definitely a brain vomit. i thought it; i wrote it. you won’t understand half of it. it’s intentional–because you can’t. but i write it in hopes that you will, because isn’t that the point? break ups are silly, until it’s your own turn. it’s hard to […]

so, i’m pondering my God for a minute.

i just had the strangest thought. being that it’s 2:42 AM, i’m probably hallucinating, but i just had one of those moments where God gave me the vision again. See, sometimes I joke with God, because we’re tight–and he made me funny, ya know? and he made me funny for a reason–to be funny for […]