i’ll bite

or write, rather. i’ve been seeing this thing i like where people are posting very stream of consciousness style and it took me back to a time i was reading a lot of faulkner and i am trying it. although i am already struggling in my mind to quit thinking about what audience i’m writing […]

today is the greatest

everyone should have a blog post with a smashing pumpkin title. today may not really be the greatest. i sat at work for eleven hours yesterday, forced myself to talk to my bestĀ friendsĀ instead of hiding like i normally do when i’m down, i wrote a lot, and i slept for twelve and a half hours. […]

a thursday off of work is nice.

as i was leaving my parents’ house last night, sadie ran out the door again. after years of walking my friends and beaus to the door late at night (her favorite time to attempt escape), i’m pretty keen on her tactics which usually lands me the job of catching her in these situations. i remember […]