packing up my house has been easier than i thought it’d be. i have donated and thrown away countless dozens of piles and bags. i’m amazed i cleared nine large garbage bags of clothes and still have three closets and a garment rack full of clothes. (they’re really small closets, OK?!) i’ve thrown away old, bent art. even things i might like but just don’t find joy in anymore. the massive purge of 2018. i feel so light.

i had a mini existential crisis a couple of weeks ago. all this introspection showed me how far i’ve come over the last six months. i have not quit moving forward. blogging lately is really the first time i’ve looked back and analyzed how much i have accomplished. i made up my mind and i got to today. a couple of weeks ago i regressed a little and thought about retreating. my mind is going through the process i discussed in my last blog. changing, learning new processes, adjusting to new. i believe there is a natural loneliness. a mourning process. a tiredness. maybe even a longing and a reaching for my old mentality. but i’ve ultimately found, it’s gone.

not lost, but altered. i cannot backtrack to that place. this is a beautiful thing. it took me talking to some of my mentors and meditating on my thoughts for a few days to gain a more well-rounded perspective. who wants to keep the same endless mentality? i’d be so bored without the challenge of learning and growing in each moment. in my case, i am so blessed. i look back, and there is a great deal of passion in my interests. following the signs, i look ahead and there is potential for beauty, meaning, and purpose overflowing. 

thinking back to what i wrote about changing from art to business major in college earlier this month, i gave it negative placement in my life. ultimately, it has shaped my ability to make wise art, business, and personal “adult” decisions (financial, etc.). i think it’s human nature to look back on the part of the choice one didn’t make, like not continuing the art courses, and wonder. i spend a lot of time wondering. i want to make the best choices. and i guess now that i have the peace to heal over more recent life events, i am looking even further back and forgiving regrets i didn’t even know i owned.

i owe so much to my college career. i think it was painful for me because the person closest to me was immersed in all the studio classes while i was sitting in business communications lectures, which made me very jealous. plus, university was one big competition for me against my high school mentor’s voice in my head, “anyone who stays in Albany will never graduate college in four years, or maybe ever.” i wanted to disprove that theory. and i did (no one noticing, but me). 

why is this so heavy on my mind now? i graduated from college eight years ago. it’s weird how the mind works……. maybe it’s because after all these years, i haven’t had a job i felt that my bachelor’s degree mattered until the career i have today. i sacrificed my passion, art, to complete a degree program. i got a great marketing internship, which let to all my career choices. i have had profitable and passionate careers, but this is the first time i feel like my education means something.

while i was packing and purging, i found my college diploma on the bookshelf at home just like any other book, and i brought it up to my office. i’m not looking back to regret what could have come from other roads, but looking forward to what opportunities i can cultivate through my hard work. there are so many days within years between college and today that are blurs of waste. i hope i can reach forward with purpose and focus. when i look back.


i lost my job today

it’s embarrassing, but i’d rather you hear it from me than as a rumor from someone else. i’m obviously really upset about it. my boss gave me a raise last week and let me go this afternoon due to “lack of funds to pay me.” i really loved my job, and i dedicated a lot of exhausting hours to helping the company gain more footing for a small stipend.

i am giving everything i’ve got to forgive the injustice i feel was done to me today. i learned many valuable things at the firm, and i shared many great experiences. i even made some wonderful connections with people of all kinds. i love my coworkers very much. working with my best friend was a dream of mine, and sharing my own office with casey for a month was a blast. meeting kristin was one of the best things to come from the job. i love her personality, we get along so wonderfully, and i know i’ve found a lasting friendship in her. miloy was very patient and shared a ton of her knowledge with me, and for that i am extremely grateful.

ultimately, it comes down to money. i’m a college graduate who has been working for a minimal stipend for over four months, and a beginning of the year increase was promised me at the start of my employment. i’ve been overworked and underpaid–taking work home and dealing with a full-time load, and i was starting to get weary, overwhelmed and frustrated. i said i couldn’t go on any longer without a raise. to my excitement it was given to me, but i was let go today because of lack of funds. it was a shocking surprise, but i don’t regret taking a stand for myself. i was constantly looking for ways to create value in the firm, and i know i displayed my worth. i’m very thankful for the entire experience, and i’m sad my time at lemonade is done. i know through prayer and persistence that the company is going to overcome its growing pains. it was a great place to work right out of school.

it stinks that the firm couldn’t afford to keep me, but i know that there is something new on the horizon and i’m ready for it. great people lose their jobs everyday, and another one lost theirs today. i know i’m great at what i do, and i know i’m going to do great things. i’m looking forward to the next opportunity that the Lord brings me.