works, works, works

Check out the album below for some of some of my favorite paintings. I am working on more now! You can click on the thumbnails for larger images. I look at these, and I wish I capture more photos of my chalk projects and work I do for friends. It all just rushes by. I really enjoy using my art for friends and utilizing my creativity for graphics in the workplace. It seems like the ultimate way to meld everything together, but I really want to work on some fine art. Being a part of the Georgia Artists Guild of Albany has really inspired me to work on a project of my own. I must create some time for that.

I have been framing some old prints and really trying to love on the pieces I’ve kept instead of letting them get battered and stacked away.


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i came across this piece in my easel carry bag not long ago. poor self portrait, all unfinished. i started it my junior or senior year of high school in advanced art, and i always promised myself i would come back and complete it. we see how that went.

what a time in my life. i remember sitting at our art table with andy, haley, ashley, whitney and other friends and having nothing better to do than joke and doodle. i wish i had known then how hard it would be now to carve out time to be creative. i saw my art teacher not too long ago at mrs. kitchens’ funeral. the mother of my dear friends, lisa and emily, passed away after a long battle with cancer. mrs. kitchens was always a light. she was an eccentric, intelligent lady who taught me many things and raised two girls who were soft and inspiring influences in my life growing up.

i look back at this unfinished “selfie” and see that girl who sat unknowing at the art table – not knowing how lucky i was to have the relationships and the time to enjoy them. it’s fitting that the piece is unfinished, like so many of my works are. like i am today. i hope anyone reading this who looks back at the misguided, chaotic posts of my life will be inspired to enjoy the people around them in the moment they are in. there is nothing more important.

(c) erin whatley
(c) erin whatley

thoughts at the end of the day

intelligence takes heart, while knowledge requires a mind. the mind, to me, is like a receptical. it takes in mounds of knowledge to retain for later transport, if needed. like a library of books that have been read many times, it is our collection of facts that have created the foundation of life. the heart, however, is that vessel designed for using knowledge from the brain. the heart is a living, moving, consistent being. it acts based on the knowledge collected from its brain. to have heart, or to be intelligent, one must be capable of bravely acting on their knowledge. hearts will lean toward good or bad endings. intelligence is frightening that way. our society is obsessed with that unattainable level of understanding. we are equally in awe of the mystifying creations of inventors and movement leaders, as well as the mass hysteria designed by terrorists to the shocking quips of internet trolls. i’m so constantly fascinated with this idea; that i have free will and i am blessed with a mind that will retain knowledge. and by simply being brave enough and motivated enough, i am capable of doing most anything my heart is willing to do and that mind is willing to learn about. to posess so much power to change things around me for good makes me want to live each moment more purposefully. thoughts at the end of the day.