it shouldn’t be hard to fit this nut into a nutshell, but i am a wild mess of color who enjoys life in the mush pot. art is a pretty vague word, but i guess it encompasses most of the things i love. painting. doodling. imagining. all of that creative stuff–so, i’ll call what i do art.

i once dreamed of growing up to be an actress. after acting my way through the UK and performing in countless plays, i graduated college with a BBA in Marketing and an AA in Fine Art. shortly after, i found my niche in marketing and public relations.

my favorite areas of service in my life right now are serving on the board of the Georgia Artists Guild of Albany and the board of directors of the Thronateeska Heritage Foundation. i am also a judging member of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. i am the Marketing and Sales Manager and NEOS Technologies, Inc.

the rest of my world revolves around being a mom to my exquisite Vayda P and my sweet boyfriend Collin P. i’m an only child. my mom and dad are my best friends. i know, love and follow Christ. 

i itch to travel and i delight at learning new things. i refuse to grow up, so don’t be surprised if you see me singing, laughing and dancing my way through a day. i write in lowercase letters as a salute to the unconventionality of my favorite poet, e. e. cummings. because i am e. e. whatley, after all.