it shouldn’t be hard to fit this nut into a nutshell, so i’ll give it a try. art is a pretty vague word, but i guess it encompasses most of the things i love. painting. doodling. imagining. all of that creative stuff–so, i’ll call what i do art.

i once dreamed of growing up to be an actress. after acting my way through the UK and performing in countless plays, i graduated college with a BBA in Marketing and an AA in Fine Art. shortly after, i found my niche in marketing and public relations.

the rest of my world revolves around being a mom to my exquisite Vayda P. i adore my brilliant, handsome boyfriend Steven.

i’m an only child. my mom and dad are my best friends. i know, love and follow Christ. 

i itch to travel and i delight at learning new things. i refuse to grow up, so don’t be surprised if you see me singing, laughing and dancing my way through a day. i write in lowercase letters as a salute to the unconventionality of my favorite poet, e. e. cummings. because i am e. e. whatley, after all.