I kept true and stayed away from the blog for a while. I got a lot out here in the open about my feelings, and I think expressing that vulnerability made me feel I was strengthening my authenticity. But nothing has made me feel more authentic that living truthfully day to day. I enjoy looking inside myself and seeing the person I want to be and the person I think I am, and looking in the mirror and knowing that is who people are seeing. I enjoy coming home to an honest space protected by me, where I don’t have to worry or live with a guard up. I have only had my parents over. No one else has even visited. Not because I don’t want them to visit. I’d have a party. But I appreciate my privacy now more than ever. Trusting myself and the people around me matters immensely. I’ve lived through a time I can’t explain to people, and I’m so glad it’s past me. I’m so grateful. I choose gratefulness daily. I choose forgiveness. Everything around me is so beautiful. 

I feel so safe and secure. I’m whole in myself. I will do everything to keep this wonderful that I have in my life now. I just wanted to take a second to mention how grateful I am. It’s what you make of things. 

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