11 years

i’ve had this blog for 11 years. this is published post 199; true post 234. i told myself along the way i’d stay raw and keep all my garbage up for the world to see, but even today i moved a few to my private folder because some of my own young thoughts make my stomach turn a little. i like having the spurts of introspection and openness. it serves me well, and i grow. then i feel it ending, and i need to relax and enjoy the world around me.

this has been an extremely reflective time period for me, and with due purpose. i’ve learned a lot about who i am and who i want to be. now i’m going to implement it. my brain is tired from overthinking. i’m so thrilled about being the historian and vice president of promotions for the georgia artist guild of albany. a traditional artists guild that’s been established since the 70s…i just can’t even explain. i am really diving into that. plus, i got initiated back into the kiwanis club of dougherty county this week, which is truly important to me. after serving on the board and being the community services chair a few years ago and having to put it aside, i am honored to be back involved. 

life is good. it might be a while before i write again.

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