so, this is the third time i have gotten an oriental trading wedding magazine edition in the past two months. seriously. have i fallen into that age bracket? who signed me up for this? is it some kind of joke?

all kidding aside, i’m not angry at all. looking at cute wedding stuff is fun at any age. but i begin to wonder if this is society’s way of pressuring me into typical life decisions. i don’t have a ring on my finger and i don’t get any other oriental trading publications. maybe it is just some fluke. but i can’t help but be paranoid since it totally has my name in the address box.

either way, i am happy where i am. marriage seems to be all around me. friends and exes are rushing down the aisle and popping out babies more quickly than i change my toenail polish. and while i am completely content right where i am, i sometimes can’t help feeling pressured. like i am missing the boat that all south georgia woman should hop on before they turn twenty five.

but then i laugh. i have the rest of my life (i hope) to be married and mommied. i am having a blast being single and in a wonderful relationship. what’s the realrush to be another Mrs. in town when i am having the time of my life right now? i know one day all of that will change, and probably sooner than even i expect–but for now, i am disinterested in this wedding magazine and would rather have opened my mailbox to a new edition of Glamour.

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