i’m really digging my new job. i’m working for managers who are positive, full of knowledge and willing to share. i have coworkers who have gone above and beyond in lending me help in my first week. i have some experience in what i’m doing, enough to carry principles i’ve learned to where i’m at today. i can smile knowing that my previous career choices have ultimately prepared me for a wonderful today.

i wish i could do justice to a description of how cool the albany herald building is. there are fabulous nooks and crannies with departments hidden away inside. and it’s all tucked away under the remnants of a very vintage department store persona. this organization’s supportive culture and this building’s stunning physique have struck a familiar chord in who i am. finding a match has never felt so good.

everyone says i’m looking happier these days. i guess it’s hard to hide. my life feels like one big sigh of relief. i don’t have to fake feeling confident about myself, my career, my friendships, my art, my community involvement. i hate to sound like a braggart, but i am happy–something i haven’t felt in a while.

i feel like thanking everyone who has taken the time to believe in me. thank you for standing by me as i sacrificed my life to a difficult job for a year and a half. thank you for encouraging me when new opportunities presented their face. and thank you for loving me enough to stick around. for as many sunny day friends have made their exit from my world, i have a group of valuable people who really know how to clutch an umbrella. ultimately, thank you, Lord, for bringing me the people, the job, the talents. i’m more grateful than can be expressed even in the best of cliches.

i gave of myself last year in ways i will never be able to properly pen, and i’d like to believe that now i’m receiving return on my investment. and what a beautiful ROI this is. happy friday.

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