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after nearly five years of blogging, i finally own a self-hosted blog. i’m really proud of this. i’ve always been so interested in the latest social media trends, and i’m fascinated at the endless interactions and self promotion that can be gained through various social media platforms.

i tried to explain my involvement in twitter, facebook, tumblr, foursquare, wordpress, etc to a friend this weekend, and i realized how much social media culture was ingrained in my identity.

i’ve kept a journal since i was eleven–that’s twelve years now. and it has been an awakening experience to say the least. documenting your life, your innermost thoughts–having the ability to review decisions you’ve justified and ultimately having the truth as a reference at any point in your life–is overwhelming. those who haven’t kept journals can allow their mind to change the reality of their past based on their current perspective. but having a record of memories–some of which i’ve allowed myself to forget–is both wonderful and haunting.

journaling led me to blogging. practicing the art of collecting my thoughts through writing gave me courage to share them with the unknown audience of the Internet. i cringe when i look back at this blog sometimes, but ultimately, my journey is documented, which is thrilling.

so now, i am i’ve branded my blog with my name, and i’m leaving a mark, even if it is small. how exciting!

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