i lost my job today

it’s embarrassing, but i’d rather you hear it from me than as a rumor from someone else. i’m obviously really upset about it. my boss gave me a raise last week and let me go this afternoon due to “lack of funds to pay me.” i really loved my job, and i dedicated a lot of exhausting hours to helping the company gain more footing for a small stipend.

i am giving everything i’ve got to forgive the injustice i feel was done to me today. i learned many valuable things at the firm, and i shared many great experiences. i even made some wonderful connections with people of all kinds. i love my coworkers very much. working with my best friend was a dream of mine, and sharing my own office with casey for a month was a blast. meeting kristin was one of the best things to come from the job. i love her personality, we get along so wonderfully, and i know i’ve found a lasting friendship in her. miloy was very patient and shared a ton of her knowledge with me, and for that i am extremely grateful.

ultimately, it comes down to money. i’m a college graduate who has been working for a minimal stipend for over four months, and a beginning of the year increase was promised me at the start of my employment. i’ve been overworked and underpaid–taking work home and dealing with a full-time load, and i was starting to get weary, overwhelmed and frustrated. i said i couldn’t go on any longer without a raise. to my excitement it was given to me, but i was let go today because of lack of funds. it was a shocking surprise, but i don’t regret taking a stand for myself. i was constantly looking for ways to create value in the firm, and i know i displayed my worth. i’m very thankful for the entire experience, and i’m sad my time at lemonade is done. i know through prayer and persistence that the company is going to overcome its growing pains. it was a great place to work right out of school.

it stinks that the firm couldn’t afford to keep me, but i know that there is something new on the horizon and i’m ready for it. great people lose their jobs everyday, and another one lost theirs today. i know i’m great at what i do, and i know i’m going to do great things. i’m looking forward to the next opportunity that the Lord brings me.

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