super old stuff. i’m under exclusive contract and don’t accept commissioned work anymore. wish i had time to paint:


art is a pretty vague word, but i guess it encompasses most of the things i love. painting. doodling. imagining. all of that creative stuff–so, i’ll call art what i do.

i gave up my fantasy of being an actress and i settled with a BBA in Marketing and an AA in Fine Art. since, i’ve found my niche in marketing, event planning, and public relations.

the rest of my world revolves around being a mom to my exquisite Vayda P. i adore my brilliant boyfriend Steven. i’m an only child. my mom and dad are my best friends.

i itch to travel and i delight at learning new things. i’m deeply spiritual in my faith. i refuse to grow up, so don’t be surprised if you see me singing, laughing and dancing my way through a day. my sense of humor is odd, and i’m sure my thoughts are strange. i write in lowercase letters as a salute to the unconventionality of my favorite poet, e. e. cummings. because i am e. e. whatley, after all.




aquarian developments

and my daughter is an Aquarius to add the ending. hate i deleted this too. 🙂 so sweet. glad i still have this ring. one post in 2014. let’s see if we can at least double that for 2015. i won’t make any promises, but i’d love to be the blogger i was five years …

the andrews update

don’t know why i deleted this. so sweet…… i might as well give up on blogging. not really. i’ll post when i can, but life has been happening, y’all. first things first, justin and i got married. we shotgunned it down at st. andrews at the beach with a few of our family members. i …


i keep notes in my phone instead of writing here. i’m just too private now about how i feel and only share my true thoughts with those closest to me. maybe i’ll post a few in due time. what you see of me on the internet is such a silly sliver, but pictures and such …